The Cavern of Death

The Cavern of Death

Author: Allen W. Grove


ISBN: 0976604833

Category: Fiction

Page: 108

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After a three year absence and a terrifying journey through the Black Forest, young Sir Albert has returned to Dornheim, eager to see again his friend Lord Frederic and his true love, the lady Constance. But his joy on his homecoming is short-lived when he learns he has rivals for Constance's love. The Baron of Dornheim is set to marry her in three days, and anxious to prevent the marriage and wed her himself, Frederic solicits the horrified Albert to assassinate the Baron. Determined to spare Constance a future with either the aged Dornheim or the murderous Frederic, Albert plots to rescue her from her father's castle. But when their plans are discovered, and a band of assassins are sent to murder Albert, he flees to the haunted Cavern of Death, where a phantom, a skeleton, and a bloody sword will reveal an unspeakable murder and the long-concealed secret of his own birth. Phenomenally popular in both England and the United States upon its publication in 1794, The Cavern of Death was among the most influential and widely-read of early Gothic novels. This new edition includes a new introduction and notes for modern readers.