The Hands of the Emperor

The Hands of the Emperor

Author: Victoria Goddard


ISBN: 1988908671

Category: Fiction

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An impulsive word can start a war. A timely word can stop one. A simple act of friendship can change the course of history. Cliopher Mdang is the personal secretary of the Last Emperor of Astandalas, the Lord of Rising Stars, the Lord Magus of Zunidh, the Sun-on-Earth, the god. He has spent more time with the Emperor of Astandalas than any other person. He has never once touched his lord. He has never called him by name. He has never initiated a conversation. One day Cliopher invites the Sun-on-Earth home to the proverbially remote Vangavaye-ve for a holiday. The mere invitation could have seen Cliopher executed for blasphemy. The acceptance upends the world. Lays of the Hearth-Fire #1.
Timeless Truth in the Hands of History
Language: en
Pages: 230
Authors: Gale Heide
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-03-16 - Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

What is the purpose of theology for the church? Systematic theology provides an inroad into this question by offering both a method for doing theology and an explanation for the purpose of that method. However, system is itself the product of a specific understanding of knowledge grounded in rational demonstration
The Hands of the Emperor
Language: en
Pages: 902
Authors: Victoria Goddard
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-09-22 - Publisher:

A middle-class tribesman from a proverbially remote province of the Empire, Cliopher Mdang has persisted against all odds to end up as unofficial head of the world's government. He is perhaps a year or two off a very well-deserved retirement. It is not quite the ideal moment to start transforming
The Genesis of the Bible
Language: en
Pages: 824
Authors: Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-03-06 - Publisher: AuthorHouse

This book is about Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and how the Arabs and Europeans took these Afrikan Religious Belief Systems from ancient Egypt, North Afrika and used them during The Trans-Sahara Afrikan Slave Trade by the Arabs in the name of Allah, and followed by The Transatlantic Afrikan Slave Trade by
Soldiers of the Sun
Language: en
Pages: 471
Authors: Meirion Harries, Susie Harries
Categories: Japan
Type: BOOK - Published: 1991 - Publisher: Vintage

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Erroneous opinions respecting Charles ; His interest in public affairs ; Luis de Avila ; Petty annoyances ; Visit of Francisco Borja ; Charles's memoirs of himself ; Visit of his sisters to Yuste ; Death of Queen Eleanor ; Charles's resignation of the imperial title ; His zeal for the faith
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"Charles V (Spanish: Carlos I; Dutch: Karel V; German: Karl V.; Italian: Carlo V; French: Charles Quint; 24 February 1500 ? 21 September 1558) was ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 and, as Charles I, of the Spanish Empire from 1516 until his voluntary retirement and abdication in