The Zero-Carbon House

The Zero-Carbon House

Author: Martin Godrey Cook

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 9781847973313

Category: House & Home

Page: 176

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Zero Carbon' is an abstract concept for most people, but we have lived energy-profligate lifestyles for too long on finite fossil-fuel resources. We now face potential environmental catastrophe from climate change and global warming, with a continuing exponentially expanding global population that doubles every four decades. The capacity of the planet to reabsorb carbon dioxide is about two to three tonnes of carbon equivalent per person at current population levels of seven billion and therefore there is a desperate need for us to reduce our carbon footprint. A way of helping to achieve this is to live in a zero-carbon house, and this will become UK legislation for new homes by 2016. This fascinating book covers all aspects of the zero-carbon house, from its evolution to achieving carbon neutrality in old and new homes as well as entire communities. Includes an overview of zero carbon and how to achieve it on a global scale; covers communities of zero-carbon houses and provides inspirational examples of low-carbon lifestyles. Case studies show how principles are put into successful practice to save energy, carbon, money and the environment.
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