The Joy of Motorcycles

The Joy of Motorcycles

Author: Michael Stewart

Publisher: Beaten Stick Press

ISBN: 9781777443641

Category: Transportation

Page: 269

View: 962

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Born of engineers and technicians, motorcycles exist in a state of mechanical bliss, forever coaxing, you know you want to ride me, unleash my MAGIC. Set my GPS for a distant land or explore a local trail. Give society’s laws and norms the outlaw finger as we go. If you want me, I'll be here. From the author of Scraping Pegs, The Truth About Motorcycles comes the rest of the story. Is it possible to overcome the trauma of a stag bent on destruction to rediscover the wonders of riding? The Joy of Motorcycles is about what happens and what is heard when one lives with bikes. A romping account of the dilemmas, triumphs, realities, and traditions of motorcycling. An Inquiry into Joy. Hop on. With an off-beat sensibility, the trip may get bumpy, so hold on tight. Scrape your pegs on the Road to Joy.