The Physics of Life

The Physics of Life

Author: Adrian Bejan

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781250078827

Category: Science

Page: 274

View: 395

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The Physics of Life illuminates the meaning of evolution in its broadest scientific sense and empowers the reader with a new view of the intertwined movement of all life - evolution is more than biological. The same physical effect is present in all patterns and flows - from life span and population growth, to air traffic, to government expansion, to the urge for better ideas, to sustainability. Evolution is everywhere, and the same elegant principles of physics apply to all things. Every animal and human wants power. From power comes movement: body movement, internal flow (pumping blood, and air), external flow (locomotion, migration), and the search for safety such as warmth, drinkable water, health, and the construction of highways and steel beams that do not break when we walk or drive on them. The growth and spread of civilisation is the flow of more power to more individuals, for greater movement. And everyone wants more power. That desire to improve, to organise, to join, to convince others, and to affect change is a trait we all share, and the freedom to change is what make all evolution not only possible but mandatory.