The Resilient Runner

The Resilient Runner

Author: Stephen Kelly

Publisher: William A. Peters


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 50

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"This is a good little book to have as a resource for anyone who is a serious competitive runner." - Michelle Williams (Goodreads reviewer) "This was an excellent read. It was not a typical 'how to become a better runner' book." - Kristie Layne (Goodreads reviewer) "It is concise and easy to read with many helpful ideas about dealing with the potential mental pitfalls that tend to occur while running long distances. Highly recommended."- Sally Abercrombie (Goodreads reviewer) "Needed to read this! All the way through reading this book, I felt I was getting something new from it. I can suffer from excuse mode and this book has certainly helped me look at ways of overcoming this and pushing through it." - Lynda Gilroy ( reviewer) Mental toughness is a must for success in distance running. But who can afford to hire a sports psychologist to learn the fundamentals necessary to succeed? Most running books unwisely focus on the physical side of running, but this book will help you uncover your mental skills and teach you techniques to strengthen your mental toughness. It contains detailed sections on motivation, performance anxiety, athletic pain, and race strategy. You will learn the mental skills necessary to better motivate yourself, overcome pain, perform better in races, and gain more enjoyment from running. In short, it will help you become the best distance runner you can be.