The Secret of the Talking Tree

The Secret of the Talking Tree

Author: Patrick Pusey

Publisher: Afnil - Paris

ISBN: 2957487985


Page: 110

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A TRUE STORYTHROUGH THE HEART OF AFRICA; THREE FRIENDS, ONE DESTINY! In the summer of 1965, three French friends Henri, Maurice and Mauricette decide to head off into the unknown, destination Africa in a small car, a Citroën 2CV fourgonnette. Deeply disappointed by everyday life in France, they seek something else; freedom and a better life. What price will they pay for their freedom? How will they manage to cross the immense Sahara? How will the young French trio make a living in Africa? What wonderful secrets of nature will Henri discover in the depths of the Gabonese forest? In what way will their lives be forever marked by the African continent?Trusting their lives to providence, after a long and eventful 10,000-mile journey through Africa, they cross the equator to the country of their dreams, Gabon.Keen to share the personal tales he was privileged to hear from the protagonist of this story, author Patrick Pusey takes the reader through anecdotes, twists, and a bit of philosophy following their tracks through the vast continent and its sacred mysteries.An intense story filled with humanity.
The Secret Teachings Of All Ages
Language: en
Pages: 245
Authors: Manly P Hall
Categories: Alchemy
Type: BOOK - Published: 1973 - Publisher:

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Collected works. The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry. The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Illustrated
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Manly Palmer Hall was a writer, lecturer, mystic philosopher, founder of the Philosophical Research Society, an expert in tarot readings, and a Freemason. He wrote a series of occult books that became famous due to the author’s breadth of knowledge. Among his books, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry and The
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Minerva, Ravi, and Thomasina find a message in a bottle, a cry for help from someone named Morgana, which has floated out of the Rowan Forest, a mysterious place supposedly protected by enchanted trees--but when the three friends set out to find Morgana they discover that it is the forest
Inside the Secret Life of Fairies
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What is it about fairies that enchants us so? Where do these elusive beings live, and what do they do? Why is it some see fairies and others do not? What's the truth about glamour? And why when they promise your dreams will come true, do fairies grant threewishes? Maggie
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Murder, Magic, Mystery, & Myth. Welcome to Pumpkintown. Contains the entire Pumpkintown Perils trilogy (Volumes 1-3) in a convenient series box set! Pumpkintown Perils Volume 1: Terrible Trolls, Naughty Gnomes, & Homicidal Humans Living near a village of gnomes in the enchanted forest called Jagged Wood, Wanda Tempest owns a