The Story of a Modern Woman (Esprios Classics)

The Story of a Modern Woman (Esprios Classics)

Author: Ella Hepworth Dixon

Publisher: Blurb

ISBN: 1034436171

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 156

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Ella Hepworth Dixon (pen name, Margaret Wynman; 1857-1932) was an English author and editor. Her best-known work is the New Woman novel The Story of a Modern Woman, which has been reprinted in the 21st century. n 1888, she accepted Oscar Wilde's offer to become the editor of The Woman's World. She also edited the magazine The Englishwomen from 1895. Dixon's magazine, The Englishwoman, contained 22 distinct and separate features, and catered for all sorts and conditions of women. There were pages with sports stories; "Society's Doings", edited by "Belle", included "wedding of the month"; "In Fashion-land" by Mrs. Aria, included a critical review of the vagaries of dressmakers; literature was covered in "Under the Lamp," by Marion Hepworth Dixon.