The Complete Guide to Australian Shepherds

The Complete Guide to Australian Shepherds

Author: Kirsten Tardiff

Publisher: LP Media Inc


Category: Pets

Page: 149

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Written by respected Aussie breeder Kirsten Tardiff of Echolight Australian Shepherds, this book truly is a "Complete Guide" in which even the most experienced Aussie owner will learn something new! The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic breed that was developed in the American west to herd livestock for farmers and ranchers. Today, while some still work on farms as their ancestors once did, others are a force to be reckoned with in competitive dog sports and are valued as loyal family companions. Affectionately called “Aussies” by their devotees, this breed can seem over the top to some potential owners; but those that lead an active lifestyle and enjoy training their dog will find an apt companion and willing pupil in an Aussie. Their intelligence and willingness to please their owner is unmatched. This breed is typically reserved with strangers and makes a good watch dog. In this book, you will discover the history and unique characteristics of the Australian Shepherd, as well as how to choose a reputable breeder or rescue and where to find them. Use this guide to prepare your home for a new addition, navigate through your first day together, and train them to be a wonderful companion. Explore chapters on nutrition, grooming, healthcare and more to give your Aussie the very best quality of life. Chapter topics include: Choosing an Australian Shepherd Preparing Your Home for Your Australian Shepherd Bringing Home Your Australian Shepherd Housetraining Socializing with People and Animals Physical and Mental Exercise Training Your Australian Shepherd Basic Obedience Commands Dealing with Unwanted Behaviors Traveling with Your Australian Shepherd Nutrition Grooming Your Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd Healthcare Senior Dog Care Whether you are new to the breed or are fortunate enough to have been loved by an Australian Shepherd before, this book will be your guide to everything Aussie.
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