Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II

Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II

Author: Marshall Vian Summers

Publisher: New Knowledge Library

ISBN: 9781884238659

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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In this second volume of Wisdom from the Greater Community, you will take another great step towards learning what Knowledge and Wisdom mean in the larger arena of life that is called the Greater Community. This will bring you to a new beginning and a new threshold, a beginning and a threshold that were never available before to humanity. Humanity is now at the threshold of the Greater Community, of which it has always been a part. Now humanity has an opportunity to learn its true heritage, the nature of its evolution and its greater challenge and promise of life within a larger arena that contains intelligent life in uncountable forms and expressions. You are here at this new beginning. This is no accident. You were sent here for this purpose. This is the meaning of your being here. The world’s emergence into the Greater Community is the context within which you can fully experience and learn to express the nature of your greater purpose and your greater identity. Humanity is emerging into the Greater Community. Greater Community forces are in the world today. This is the reality in which you now live, and for this you will need a greater Knowledge and a greater Wisdom. You already possess this Knowledge within you, for the Creator has endowed you with the Knowing Mind, which you will need to experience and to call upon increasingly as the revelation of your real purpose and the meaning of your existence here unfold step by step. In this second volume of Wisdom from the Greater Community, we introduce to you new thresholds of learning, new arenas of application and a greater opportunity to experience the reality of Knowledge and the importance of its expression and contribution in the world. Here you will have the opportunity to begin to learn about the Greater Community, about the mental environment, about the meaning of discernment and discretion, and the great application of The Greater Community Way of Knowledge as it pertains to every aspect of your life as you know it today and as you will need to know it in the future. We bring this great Teaching to you from the Creator, for this Teaching represents a new testament of the Creator’s presence and will within the world and a new expression of your Divinity and your intrinsic association and relationship with life around you. We bring with us a promise, a confirmation and a great challenge. The promise is that your purpose and your calling in the world may become fully realized within the context of the world’s emergence into the Greater Community. Here you will finally come to understand why you have a unique nature and a unique design. This will enable you to discover who your Designer is. The confirmation is that you will come to realize what you know and what you have always known, and this will restore to you your self-respect, your ability to love and the greater strength that has been given to you. And, yet, we bring you a challenge as well, a challenge to learn what Knowledge and Wisdom mean within the Greater Community and why they are necessary both to heal the great problems that humanity faces within the world and to face the greater challenge of encountering intelligent life from the Greater Community. Come with us, then. Come to receive and come to give. Come to learn and come with the willingness to experience and to explore with an open mind. The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is not here to fulfill the past or even to explain the past. It is here to bring you into the present and to prepare you for the future. This is why you have come into the world, and this will give meaning and direction to all that you have done thus far. The Greater Community Way of Knowledge will give you a new foundation to fully realize why you are here and who sent you.
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