I Declare War

I Declare War

Author: Levi Lusko

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9780785220879

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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We all battle inner struggles—whether it's self-doubt, depression, fear, or anger. It’s time to get out of your own way. Whether you recognize it or not, you're at war with yourself. There's anxiety. Selfishness. Self-sabotaging tendencies. Narcissism. Depression. The inability to do the great things you long to do because you spend so many hours mindlessly drifting through the internet. It is war, but all is not lost. You can win—if you choose to engage. In I Declare War, Levi Lusko candidly shares his struggles with moodiness, bullying, suicidal thoughts, night terrors, and difficulty managing himself. He identifies four weapons you have at your disposal—thoughts, words, behaviors, and power—and illustrates how to use them to achieve ongoing victory. These practical tools from God’s Word will help you learn to: Retaliate against your anxiety by filling your heart with truth and making it inhospitable to terror Stop being victimized by your bad behaviors and become the victor you were born to be Overcome self-imposed isolation by learning to think right so you can live right Spare your family unnecessary heartache by confronting your dysfunction so they don’t have to It’s time to stop being your own worst enemy. Declare war and become the person, the spouse, the parent, and the leader God intended you to be.
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