In My Universe

In My Universe

Author: Ida-Sofia

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1518766455


Page: 302

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In My Universe is an interactive poetry book written by Ida-Sofia. It features 300 pages of poetry going through three chapters: Chaos, Gravity and Constellations. Each chapter features a unique set of poetry which follows the universe theme. Readers are encouraged to unleash their creativity by writing, drawing, or painting beside the authors words to "create their own universe". At half poetry book / half journal, this book is a great gift for anyone who strives for an optimistic, imaginative lifestyle.
Language: en
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Authors: Basoji Suresh Ram
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-03-07 - Publisher: Notion Press

We learn many principles and theories every day that seem endless. But, can’t a single theory be made to cover every single movement or process of evolution of this Universe? It is the very theory I call it “theory of everything” we are going to discuss in this book which
Albert’S Journey into the Universe
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Alberts Journey into the Universe explores our garden universe in a playful manner that is fun for children of all ages. The story includes many of the elements that make for imaginative learning. The story takes the reader to places that we are not capable of going with our normal
You Are My Heart, You Are My Soul
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You are my Heart, You are my Soul is a a warm and funny love story between the philosophical Charlie and the distant Scarlet. Experience that delicious feeling of love, of being loved by another soul – and be entertained! If you have love burning inside you, or you want
The Convoluted Universe: Book 1
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Pages: 560
Authors: Dolores Cannon
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001-11 - Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing

* Is it possible that you are living in other universes simultaneously with this one? * Do you travel back and forth between other dimensions without your conscious knowledge? * Could it be possible that you are only a splinter or fragment of a much larger soul? * Do parallel
The Master's Memoirs: The Triangle of Lost Souls
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This is the fourth edition of the Master's Memoirs Series. In this edition, The Master visits universes located in other dimensions. Join the Master as he travels the vastness of these universes and let him entertain you with his humorous and unique observations of mankind, the animal kingdom and mother